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Experienced software developer and manager seeking a technical management position in a digitally focused product organization. Experienced leading product development with exceptional ability to make pragmatic product decisions, optimize developer productivity through collaboration and communication, and create exhaustive product requirements from customer interviews.



Team Leader; Engineering

Richardson, TX; September 2015 - Present

February 2017 - Present

The Cisco Emerge team is a very fast paced team that is focused on discovering the future of work. The team is focused building apps, exploring augmented and virtual realities and applying artificial intelligence to collaboration.

  • Architected web application development lifecycles and deployments.
  • Lead and designed application deployment using Amazon Web Services.
  • Leading effort to integate VR experiences with Spark.
September 2015 - February 2017

The Whiteboard project started in the Cisco Emerge team. The Cisco Emerge team facilitated the research and development that resulted into the whiteboard that is being used on the Cisco Spark Board.

  • Contributed to the design and communication of whiteboard micro-service features.
  • Implemented new features and functionality into the web based whiteboard application.
  • Lead the integration of the whiteboard into the Spark Web Client.

Hewett Interactive, LLC


Plano, TX; December 2013 - Present

dib creative group

dib creative is a marketing agency that focuses on digital projects as well as creating online businesses.

Director of Interactive Projects

Dallas, TX; April 2009 - November 2013

  • Managed 2 to 3 developers providing leadership and mentorship. Also managed 2 to 3 offshore developers providing specifications for work to be done and approvals of work completed.
  • Oversaw multiple projects, varying in size, from the creation of requirements to the delivery of the completed product.
  • Created leads for new business and partnered in closing new business for the organization.
  • Provided account services to clients which includes accepting input on solution to be created, soliciting approvals on work done, and handing off of completed solutions. Lead the development, deployment, and operations of client solutions.
  • Instrumental in securing the business of an online training tool for performance athletes in 2010. Provided account service, project management, technical architecture, and developed all of the data manipulation tools within the product.
  • Developed a product for dib creative to resell through Safari Montage to school districts that will allow internally created videos to be publicly viewed. Provided product development, integration development, installer development.
  • Lead team to build a daily deal site in 2011. Designed technical and logical architectures and integrated payment functions with PayPal. Provided project management, information architecture, and software development to a niche job recruiting community.
  • Provided product requirements, project management and software development, and operations to an online community that is passionate about wild places and wildlife.

Symantec Corporation

Symantec Corporation is a global company that creates security products for enterprises and consumers.

Principal Software Engineer

Austin, TX; April 2007 - April 2009

  • Lead 1 to 2 US based developers and 2 to 3 offshore developers in creating the Safeweb front-end website.
  • Developed backend integrations and site report.
  • Worked with Symantec IT to get a non-supported technology deployed into the Symantec data center.
  • Architected multiple server deployment architecture to support large user population.
  • Supported Norton Account and Norton Family.
  • Launched Safeweb front-end in time for beta.


Austin, TX; April 2005 - October 2005

  • Managed 7 developers and 40+ servers in providing detection efficacy reports for the WholeSecurity Confidence integration into Norton Internet Security 2007.
  • Managed the creation of a “red” lab within the Austin office which would allow for the handling of malicious software for efficacy testing.
  • Worked with Norton product managers to create processes to handle false positives and false negatives in the integration of WholeSecurity Confidence Online into Norton Internet Security 2007.
  • Successful integration of WholeSecurity

WholeSecurity, Inc.

WholeSecurity was a software company that built a system that could detect and mitigate eavesdropping software based on behaviors of an application rather than signatures. It was acquired by Symantec in 2005.

Technical Manager of Research Infrastructure

Austin, TX; March 2002 - October 2005

  • Managed 7 developers and 20 servers in providing detection efficacy reports for the WholeSecurity Confidence Products.
  • Architected and developed research infrastructure automated testing environment which is a grid of servers that would launch VMWare workstation, infect the instance, run WholeSecurity products, and capture the results.
  • Developed a web based tools for cataloging malicious software and integrated it into the research infrastructure automated testing environment.
  • Developed the prototype for the product’s management console and handed it off to newly hired developers.
  • Supported customer product testing
  • Developed client detection routines.
  • Successfully deployed to many large organizations by having a manageable detection rate.

d-tech corporation

d-tech corporation was a value-added-reseller of Hitachi Data Systems and other enterprise hardware and software providers.

Systems Engineer

Dallas, TX; October 1999 - March 2002

  • Developed and architected MC3 product—A web based console to create and manage highly-available services such as network storage and email.
  • Visited customer sites to deploy storage and high-availability solutions.
  • Provided customers with accurate quotes for hardware and services.
  • Developed marketing website.
  • Completed Networking with TCP/IP class.

Nationwide Flood Research

Nationwide Flood Research provided flood plain certificates to banks and mortgage companies.

Information Systems Manager

Dallas, TX; May 1998 - March 2002

  • Created web-based workflow to manage the task of issuing flood plain certificates. This included tools to allow account managers to input jobs, a web based ordering system, workflow tools for researchers, and automated faxing of certificates to customers.
  • Integrated flood plain determination automation products.
  • Provide desktop support for organization
  • Increased productivity by 200%.
  • Moved over 50% of customers from fax orders to web orders.

Pegasus, Inc.

Pegasus, Inc. is a company that provides real-time information and bookings for hotels.

Programmer Analyst

Dallas, TX; June 1997-May 1998

  • Supported account service to make enhancements and defect fixes to THISCO’s distributed messaging system using UNIX C.
  • Creating web based stress test software for THISCO.


Texas A&M University — B. S. Computer Engineering, 1997


Programming Languages:

Ruby, JavaScript, C, Python, Perl, Java, C++

Web Development Tools:

Ruby on Rails, jQuery, Rspec, Capybara

Relational Databases:

Postgresql, Mysql


Heroku, Linux VPS, SSH, Amazon AWS, Capistrano


Memcached, Redis, Solr, Sendgrid, Amazon AWS (S3, Cloudfront)

Payment Gateways:

Braintree, PayPal, Stripe


Greg Hewett

I am a software progressional living in Plano, TX with my wife and two daughters. The views on this site are my own, and they should be yours, too.

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